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City Bright - Virga I by Entropic Industries
City Bright - Virga I by Entropic Industries

Please scroll to the bottom to see how you can easily support the work with a small one-time contribution using your mobile phone. The labor to create Virga I was entirely donated by the artists to the City of Albuquerque.

Virga I is conceived by Entropic Industries as a luminous shower, transforming a vacant building’s entryway into a space of light and interaction. Adopting the artificial glow that is characteristic of Route 66, this 30ft vertical cascade of light drifts with the movements of air and street life. Its glimmering strands mingle visions of New Mexico’s natural monsoon seasons with the region’s invisible technological pulse. Composed of almost 30 miles of unbound fiber optic cable - the conduit through which 99% of all data is transferred over the globe - the materiality of this installation immerses the viewer in the aura of a digital communication age in which light and information have become one and the same. 

This work is available for purchase or lease with options for customization based on unique sites. Please contact the artists directly for more information.


Entropic Industries is an architectural design studio based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Founded by Jared Winchester with Cory Greenfield as a design partner, Entropic Industries explores new possibilities within the field of architecture through both built and theoretical design projects, design competitions, public art, and architectural writing. The studio is particularly interested in the perception of the architectural object, questioning its assumed condition of solidity and permanence through interactions with dynamic and unpredictable forces. Entropic Industries explores the way in which time and uncertainty can be utilized as a catalytic ingredient in the design and experience of a work of architecture. 



Jared Winchester is a licensed architect in New Mexico with over 15 years of experience working locally and internationally on a wide variety of building types both. He was an Associate at Antoine Predock Architects P.C. and is currently as Project Architect for Lee Gamelsky Architects P.C. Jared is also part-time faculty at UNM’s School of Architecture and Planning.

Cory Greenfield is an award-winning architect and owner/principal of Campoverde Architecture. Recent works include a masterplan for a Montessori school and arts center, a beer garden and an award-winning design for an innovation village in Greater Noida, India. Cory teaches undergraduate and graduate design studios at the University of New Mexico. 



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