Lance Ryan McGoldrick

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City Bright - Scaffolding by Lance Ryan McGoldrick

Too many buildings in America sit vacant and deteriorating. All the while, new construction is everywhere. With this constant construction cycle, scaffolding is a recurring urban sight -- almost an icon -- and is the inspiration for this sculpture.  

Scaffolding questions our society’s building practices and their impact on the world. With fluorescent bulbs composed into a scaffold-like structure, the piece considers the fragility of over-development and resource consumption. Situated within The First National Bank Building -- Albuquerque's first “skyscraper” -- Scaffolding speaks to the history and future of development in our city.  



Lance Ryan McGoldrick is a multi-media artist working in a variety of nontraditional contexts. His work ranges from discrete objects to immersive environments, often created with combinations of found-objects, texture, light, and geometry. Incorporating youthful exuberance, his work explores environmental themes as a reflection of place and with a reverence for nature. His work appears in non-traditional spaces as well as in galleries, at festivals, and as public art installations.

Lance holds a degree in Entrepreneurial Studies from the University of New Mexico. He often collaborates with other artists, in particular the Albuquerque-based non-profit Friends of the Orphan Signs. He works most often with the internationally-acclaimed art collective Meow Wolf building immersive environments in New Mexico, Las Vegas, Denver, and elsewhere.

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