Why should you choose us?

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  • qrcode

    QRCode Ordering System

    Addmi provides so many benefits, including a QRcode ordering system, streamlining operation so you can increase revenue. It's the future of the point of sale with so many possibilities, and yet it's a free platform.

  • motivatoin

    Efficient Employees

    How can you measure the start of the order and when it reaches the customer? Well, with our system you can do just that. We will be able to send you a performance review of your staff every day!

  • growth

    Increase Revenues

    Addmi provides highly customized workflows to maximize your efficiency and to make sure your business operation is smooth. We will help your business so you can focus on growing your company.

  • happy-customers

    Happy Customers

    Your customers can order fast and leave whenever they want. No more waiting for waitstaff to order or pay again. We also collect customer info and allow seamless engagement.

  • save-money

    Save Some Money

    From reducing the waitstaff to having a point of sale that is completely free, you will undoubtedly save a lot of money in the long run. We are also loaded with so many useful functions and features from CRM to email engagement and analytics. The point is... we got you covered.

  • free-pos

    Free Point of Sale

    Our goal is to minimize the amount of capital needed to do business. We also believe in efficiency in running the business. We hope by combining both advantages, we are not just able to help businesses survive but thrive!