NEW: Item Variants and Sub-Modifiers!

Jul 2, 2021
Item Variations Now you can have a single item available in various sizes, colors, materials and price points. And you can track the inventory for each of these options. For example, a single t-shirt item can now be offered in various sizes as well as various colors. So if the blue shirt in large costs more than the large red shirt, you do not need to make multiple items. Plus, you can track your stock automatically, to avoid selling the large blue t-shirt when it is sold out.  The Power of Sub-modifiers With sub-modifiers, you can attach very specific options and pricing adjustments to your item modifiers. For example, pizza topping modifiers can be set to add a 50% charge for ‘half a pizza’. In this case a $2 topping on a full pizza becomes $1 on half. And you can pick the left or right side. Fantastico! Modifier with Price IncludedWith this feature, you can bundle specific modifier options with an item and control the effect each option has on the item price. For example, if you have a specialty pizza that includes 3 toppings, you can display the item initially with 3 pre-selected toppings which are all included in the pizza's price. Customers can choose to remove any of the pre-selected toppings or substitute a different topping without affecting the item price, as long as the new topping does not include an extra cost. If they select a third topping that adds $1, for example, then the total price for this pizza will be increased by $1.