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Space Returns: Valentines Special

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  • Storylab presents a dining journey through the cosmos. A complete 4-course immersive dinner, Space Returns brings our wildly popular space dinner to the masses.

  • This experience is a multi-tiered experiential immersive dinner, including a 4-course dinner and gratuity.

Please join us for this incredible experience! Seats are limited, so make your reservation today! Any questions, please contact us at info@storylabinteractive.com


*NOTES / Disclaimers

  1. As Space Returns is an extremely specialized dining event, Storylab suggest, if you have unique dining needs or food allergies, that you contact Storylab ahead of time. The experience relies heavily on the food items listed and their unique stories and flavors. We prefer not to make food substitutions.

  2. The overall experience contains bright visuals and a strong audio component.  Should you be prone to seizures or other reactions in environments with an overload of sensory information, Space Returns may not be for you.  

  3. Motion tracking and cameras are always in use during the experience.   As part of the experience and for future marketing purposes, this dining experience has live cameras recording the experience from start to finish.

  4. This is an adult-only event.  As there is a wine/cocktail accompaniment to each course, every participant must be 21 years of age or older.


Alex D.
Charlene S.
Derrek S.
Don G.
Emily D.
Emily D.
Erin S.
Fielfer M.
Gray C.
Greg L.
Joy R.
Kathleen H.
Loyola M.
Mark S.
Michael W.
Nicole H.
Raul M.
Richard S.
Stelina C.
Viridiana M.
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