• Chef Mike White and Storylab Interactive introduce a totally new way to experience dining.  Explore mother nature through all the senses - using sight, sound, taste, smell and touch to explore an interactive dining experience that brings elements to life.

  • This experience is a multi-tiered experiential immersive dinner, including a 4-course dinner and gratuity.

Please join us for this incredible experience! Seats are limited, so make your reservation today! Any questions, please contact us at info@storylabinteractive.com


    1. Elements is an extremely specialized dining event, Chef White and Storylab suggest, if you have unique dining needs or food allergies, that you look into other great wine tasting and dinner events. The experience relies heavily on the food items listed and their unique stories and flavors. We prefer not to make food substitutions but can accommodate minor food allergies.
    2. The overall experience contains bright visuals and a strong audio component.  Should you be prone to seizures or other reactions in environments with an overload of sensory information, Elements may not be for you.  
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