This is a monthly no profiling, no rules, no fees, no sales networking event.  We provide a first name name tag and ask that you not wear a company logo.  The idea of this event is to meet with and connect with business professionals without the intent to sell.  The sales come later once you've built a relationship!


Barbara D.
Purple mulch
Brad P.
Cruise Planners
Brandon S.
Interim healthcare
Carrie H.
Blaze the Trail
Dan G.
Gillispie Family Agency with Firefly
David A.
Dennis F.
Sharper Steel
Dennis F.
Dennis G.
CFO, Acoma Business Enterprises
Derek T.
Garrett H.
Evergreen Contractors
Ginger J.
Gorky P.
Woodlife custom craft inc
Gregory S.
Xpress Outsourcing Corporation
Hafiz H.
James R.
Little Bear Coffee Co.
Jimmy T.
WayBeyond Social
Joan B.
LegalShield & IDShield
Kawtar E.
Sandia Area Federal Credit Union
Keith P.
The Business Revivalist
Krishna G.
Kosh Solutions, LLC
Mark A.
Los Ranchos Gun Shop
Meredith Y.
WineShop at Home
Miia H.
Garcia's Kitchen
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