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We are super to excited to welcome authors Betty K. Bynum and Joshua Drummond to MahoganyBooks for a Meet & Greet book signing for their respective books, I'm A Pretty Little Black Girl and I'm A Brilliant Black Boy. On September 18, 2019 from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM, Betty and Joshua will appear at MahoganyBooks to talk to kids and sign copies of their books. The collection is a lovingly designed line of items that are based on a series of children’s picture books written for girls – with an emphasis on girls of color –that are directed towards building self-esteem and self-appreciation, and the unique qualities about each girl in a deeply caring effort to celebrate her own true and real beauty.

There's no better way to reinforce a child's excitement for reading by introducing them to authors of their favorite books. Join us Wednesday evening on September 18th for a fun and exciting event featuring two incredible authors of two incredible books created to inspire and empower little boys and girls of color.


I'm A Pretty Little Black Girl

Meet Mia!

Happy little Mia wakes up with joy to see her disheveled hair "Just-a-going every which-a-ways." But instead of feeling like it is a bad thing, she looks in the mirror, spins around with joy and says, "I'm a Pretty Little Black Girl!" Mia and her friends are pretty little Black girls of many different skin tones and hair textures.

Love, good manners and lots of fun lead the way in their dreams of a future filled with accomplishments of brilliance!

I'm A Brilliant Black Boy

Meet Joshua!

"Joshua has big dreams and ideas as BRILLIANT as the stars!"

With all of his good friends, Joshua's day is filled with adventures where books, a telescope, a red-superhero cape, rhyming hip-hop verse, twinkling fireflies that light up the magical summer skies above a card board fort in the park and so much more -- is just what boyhood innocence and imagination is all about.

"Kind, smart, creative, and always thinking -- Joshua learns that with good deeds, studying, working hard and aiming to be brilliant, we can really shine!"


Betty K. Bynum

Betty K. Bynum is a singer, writer actress and entrepreneur. Her companies The I'm A Girl Collection and Dreamtitle Publishing are leading the way in the diversity market in children's books. She wrote her first family comedy/drama film "The Brown Envelope" with producer Todd Black of Escape Artists on board. She is a playwright and novelist, as well as a singer/songwrite

Joshua Drummond

Joshua Drummond is an author, actor, writer and hip-hop music composer. An honors student and National Society of High School Scholars lifetime inductee, he has been writing award-winning stories since the 2nd grade! His current works include a Sci-fi/adventure novel, two screenplays and numerous songs. An avid swimmer and beach lover, he currently attends college in Southern California.

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