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AHA Happy Hour

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AHA Happy Hour


AHA Happy Hour - 

Our solution to observing social distancing without compromising fun.

Led by our friend Debbie, this will be a fun get together for everyone to chat and reconnect. Since visiting face-to-face is still too risky we will be utilizing the "Zoom" app.

The app is downloadable on a variety of devices (instructions below) and it's easy to use! Once you download the app, you'll be able to see friends in real time right from your device. 

We know that being inside all the time without being able to see friends is tough, so really consider joining this event! We know you'll have fun!

Click the Link below every Wednesday @ 3:00 PM to Join the Happy Hour fun!

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 452 889 3111

Passcode: 2020

Device App Download Links -

Instructions for laptop

Instructions for phone

Instructions for iPad


Amelia-Ann D.
Brittney G.
Damian G.
David D.
Dax N.
Deborah R.
Felicia C.
Jenna M.
Josh R.
Joshua R.
Mike S.
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