ALCHEMIE is Nancy Haubrich (Keys, Vocals) and Robert Danielson (Drums, Vocals), an Albuquerque-based original rock/pop band. They have 4 New Mexico Music Awards nominations; Haubrich was recently named in the “Top 5 Keyboardists” category in the The Alibi reader polls and Alchemie was in the “Top 5 local bands” in both ABQ the Magazine and The Alibi reader polls.  Haubrich toured extensively in Top 40 and original music bands and played with Deborah I’yall of Romeo Void.  Danielson played drums for 20 years in the world renowned Beach Blanket Babylon, the longest running musical revue in theater history (1974-2019). He has worked with Grammy-award-winning artists and nationally known recording artists, both in the U.S. and Pacific Rim (including Michael Tilson Thomas, Music Director, San Francisco Symphony (11 Grammy awards); Ledisi, 12-time Grammy Award nominee (Verve Records, LeSun Records); Deborah I’yall of Romeo Void (415 Records, Columbia Records); Sky Wu, Songwriter and Pop Star, Asia (EMI Taiwan, Sony Taiwan); Susanna Kwan, Hong Kong Star; Bobby Radcliff, Blues and Rock (Black Top Records, Krellno Records). The ALCHEMIE web site is at   Located in City Center (on King Blvd. accessible from Unser Blvd. or Paseo del Volcan), Campus Park is a multipurpose, community outdoor gathering space that is a destination and gathering space for people taking part in city events, concert performances, and more.  Most events feature food trucks.


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