Canna Cookin' @ The Cookery

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There is a lot of talk about cannabis and a lot of myths
Join The Cookery and Snicklefrittz to demystify this ancient herb.
Information is power and armed with knowledge about laws; reported medicinal benefits; and culinary applications, 
you will be able to determine how and if you wish to add cannabis to your portfolio of healing foods. 

We will share:
Current legal status in Washington, D.C.
Medicinal uses 
Extractions - THC vs CBD
How to incorporate cannabis into your daily diet and favorite recipes
Cannabis and pet care

We’ll demo some of our favorite recipes using cannabis and send you home with a souvenir bag

About the hosts

The Cookery is a locally owned culinary shop specializing in products made by independent producers from around the world.  We seek products made by makers who are passionate about where they source ingredients and raw materials for products that offer amazing flavor; heirloom quality; and unique appeal. Every product has a story.  We believe good food is healing.  We believe what we use for skin and body care and home care should be made from edible ingredients.  Our products are free of unnatural and toxic ingredients.

Snicklefrittz is locally owned merchandise and apparel company, focused on providing fresh and new products to cater to the grower, botanical and organic communities of Washington, D.C. metro area. Providing street wear apparel, an array of vending products, and events that empower other local  businesses.

The Cookery and Snicklefrittz
disclaims all warranties with regard to the information and merchandise included in its events. In no event shall The Cookery or Snicklefrittz be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages in connection with products within the collaborative events. The parties involved do not promote, condone or advocate licit or illicit drug use. Parties involved will be upholding and practicing within the Washington, District of Columbia law commonly know as Initiative 71. please click here to get more details on the law.


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