Hollow Spirits Distillery

Deathly Hollows Pairing Feast

This Event Has Ended


Feast with us just as Harry and his classmates did during Hogwarts Welcoming feast.  Only $35 per adult and $15 for kids and that includes your Butterbeer, YES... Butterbeer!

We'll have house tables set up so you can dine with your crew!

Check out this Preview video of the EPIC cocktails our amazing bartenders created just for this week!


Aaliyah R.
Aaron P.
Alex V.
Alex V.
Alexandra U.
Amber E.
Brenda B.
Bridget G.
Cynthia Q.
Devon W.
Eli A.
Georgette O.
Greg R.
Holly W.
Jessica G.
Jessica L.
Jessica M.
Keith W.
Kimberly B.
Kimberly B.
Laura B.
Louis A.
Lynn E.
Mario U.
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