Get Permission Approach to Pediatric Mealtime Challenges

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“Get Permission” is an approach to pediatric mealtimes and feeding treatment based on a foundation of trust in a feeding relationship. The purpose of this relationship-based workshop is to provide treatment and family support strategies for children with feeding and mealtime challenges. It supports children gaining eating success based on enjoyment of the sensory and social aspects of eating, confidence in their oral skills, and internal motivation to eat enough. It follows the child’s lead with creative and sensitive mealtime strategies that adjust based on each child’s response. It celebrates parents and focuses on their success. We look at the complicated influences of giving permission in eating. We discuss ways to support children who are worried about mealtimes, those who are fed by a tube, or are on the Autism spectrum. Case studies will be reviewed and discussed.


Marsha Dunn Klein, MEd, OTR/L, FAOTA
Marsha Dunn Klein, MEd, OTR/L, FAOTA



“The Get Permission Approach to Pediatric Mealtime Challenges”


April 26 & April 27, 2019




8:00-9:00         Registration & Breakfast (PROVIDED)


9:00- 10:30      Define GP Approach; understand mealtime relationships and general principles; stages of attachment and development of feeding relationship


10:30- 10:45    BREAK


10:45- 12:00    Define trust, the roles of partners in the feeding relationship, and the factors that influence the feeding dyad


12:00- 1:00      Lunch (PROVIDED)


1:00- 3:00        Describe the behavior of eating; anatomy and physiology of GI system and its influence on mealtimes


3:00- 3:15        Break


3:15- 5:00        Role of appetite/hunger; growth patterns and charts; describe GP as it relates to sensory challenges of mealtime; Q&A




8:00- 8:30        Check-in & Breakfast (provided)


8:30- 10:00      Sensory channels in sensory continuum and treatment techniques; GP as it relates to tube fed children


10:00- 10:15    BREAK


10:15- 12:00    Tube feeding plateaus, parent-child relationships and transition to oral eating 12:00- 1:00     Lunch (PROVIDED)

1:00- 2:30        Describe GP Approach as it relates to visually impaired children 2:30- 2:45            BREAK

2:45- 4:30        Strategies for supporting children with sensory challenges or on the autism spectrum and their families; goal setting; Q&A


Alicia E.
Physical Therapist, Inspirations
Alicia R.
SLP, Portales Municipal Schools
Amanda O.
Graduate Student, University of New Mexico
Andrea M.
Angelynn Z.
Occupational Therapist, Inspirations EI, Inc.
Anjuli S.
Occupational Therapist, Alta Mira
AnnaRose L.
Occupational Therapist, Inspirations
Ashley M.
SLP, Portales Municipal Schools
Aurora H.
SLP Clinical Fellow, University of New Mexico Hospital
Brandi T.
Developmental Specialist, Center for Development & Disability / UNM
Bre R.
Christy W.
SLP, Portales Municipal Schools
Cynthia D.
Occupational Therapist, Occupational Therapist
Deanna J.
Speech Language Pathologist, Self employed
Denise L.
Speech-Language Pathologist, Inspirations
Elke B.
OT, Inspirations
Erika S.
Speech-Language Pathologist, Abrazos Family Support Services
Geri Q.
SLP, Bilingual Interventions
Hermila Leticia S.
DSIII & FSC, Inspirations
Jacqui V.
Developmental Specialsit III, Inspirations
Jennifer M.
SLP, Carrie Tingley Hospital
Jessica G.
Speech-Language Pathologist, Inspirations Early Intervention, Inc
Jessica G.
Speech Language Pathologist, Inspirations
Jessica N.
SLP, Inspirations
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