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One of our favorite wine-grapes to grow and make is Sangiovese, a pretty rare wine outside of Italy. On May 19th, we are partnering with Chef Kitty, offering a "Sangiovese Intensive," in a fun and an interactive class. Together we'll learn about Sangiovese, while exploring color, aroma's (kit & actuals), and taste how it interacts with different foods, resulting in an increased sensory experience. Tickets on sale now, seating is very limited and will include Library and unreleased wines. Facilitated by Chef Kitty Brisendine, Something Delicious and Winemaker/Owners Teri & Micole, Ramona Ranch Winery.


Bill S.
Eric S.
Greg W.
Jill W.
Judie B.
Karen B.
Kathie L.
Kathie S.
Kristen H.
Linda G.
Linds D.
Mark H.
Rick D.
Steve G.
Wendy R.

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