The most comprehensive Annual Health & Wellness Fair in New Mexico! Come to the fair to discover the best options in Physical, Mental, Emotional/Spiritual and Social Health.  We care about the STATE of New Mexico and OUR HEALTH and WELLNESS. The BALANCE of life pressure and QUALITY of life is our focus.  One location, one weekend, and gain new health and wellness information for the entire family!


Adan D.
Anthony S.
Por Vida tattoo supply
Art D.
Ashley W.
Brittany L.
Christy E.
RN, Integrion
Christy E.
Debbie S.
Owner, Sisneros Bros Mfg
Debbie S.
Accounting Manager, Sisneros Bros Mfg
Derek J.
Dolores G.
Dorles G.
Edgar H.
Evangelina T.
Ingrid O.
Special Education Teacher, South Valley Academy
Irene L.
Jonathan G.
Kathy E.
Laura D.
Lawanna P.
Mario S.
Marisela B.
Marissa K.
Matthew H.
CEO, Make Inspired Choices
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