What is LeSS?

LeanStartupSeries (LeSS) is a series of workshops designed by Silicon Valley serial entrepreneurs. It is a series of leanstartup workshops that over the years has developed into 3 separate "series".
LeSS.A - is the first of the workshops aimed at the earliest of startup companies typically between idea and seed stage, though also useful for post-seed startups / pre-series-A startups.
LeSS.A is:
  • + Designed for beginners, first-time entrepreneurs, and veterans who just want to polish their leanstartup skills.
  • + A 3-day workshop which results in participants having a real - proven - successful business model.
  • + For current founders of leanstartups to continue the practice of leanstartup methodology.
  • + Focuses on using a lean validation canvas designed by TechGrind that focuses around customer/user validation; problem validation; and then solution validation.
LeSS has been used by Facebook, Google, and many more large startups & tech corporations as well as the earliest of tech startups.
For the first time in New Mexico, you will be able to practice leanstartup with industry veterans who used these techniques to build their own $bn tech startups. This is industry technique brought to you directly, so that you can learn and apply it immediately in your own startup.

What will I get out of this workshop?

You and a team of fellow entrepreneurs will learn how to take an idea - and scientifically process it into a successful business model that you can go and build a successful business on.
You will learn the validation methods and techniques associated with this process, how to apply it to any idea, and turn it into a viable business model.
You will receive the tools used to do this that you can then take into your own startup and apply immediately.
You will also make connections with peers - other entrepreneurs and founders in your ecosystem - to continue on working and learning the leanstartup science with.

I thought TechGrind events were FREE for startups?

Actually, the cost of running this event is more than the fee we are charging. This is what we call a "seriousness fee" because we only want to have serious dedicated entrepreneurs attending - and committing to - the entire workshop & weekend. This low cost to you is only possible with the support of our ecosystem sponsors and TechGrind subsidizing the cost of running the event.
Thank you sponsors!

What is included?

  • + LeanStartupSeries.A Business-Validation-Canvas -- a custom-built, printed A1-size laminated canvas that will be used during the workshop. A tool that is currently being used by world class startups in operation.
  • + Lunch and Dinner both Saturday and Sunday.
  • + Whiteboards, markers, paper, post-its, power cords, Fiber LAN & WiFi - all the work equipment you will need.
  • + Workspace, meeting rooms, presentation stage and venue.
  • + Serial entrepreneur coaches - the best New Mexico has to offer plus a few from out of state.

What is the schedule?

16:00 -- 17:00: Registration & Greeting
17:00 -- 18:30: Opening Session, Q&A, Sponsor Presentations
18:30 -- 20:00: Idea Pitching, Voting & Selection
20:00 -- 22:00: Team Formation & Initial Work

09:00 -- 12:00: Customer Validation (Get Out Of The Building!)
12:00 -- 13:00: Lunch
13:00 -- 18:00: Customer Validation & Pivoting on Validation Canvas
18:00 -- 19:00: Dinner
19:00 -- 19:30: Progress Presentation Lightning Pitches
19:30 -- 20:00: Workshop by guest Silicon Valley Serial Entrepreneur
20:00 -- 22:00: Mentorship, Technique Workshops & Teams Working

09:00 -- 12:00: Customer Validation & Pivoting on Validation Canvas
12:00 -- 13:00: Lunch
13:00 -- 15:00: Final Preparation & Pivoting
15:00 -- 17:00: Final Pitches, Prizes, & After-Party!

Struggling Founder / Entrepreneur / Startup?

If you are a struggling entrepreneur / founder / startup - and cant afford the ticket - contact us!
We never close the doors to any entrepreneur based on finances - because obviously all of you are struggling.
We have a free-ticket option available in exchange for a little hands-on work. Work for your ticket!
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