Phenomenal Women's Chapter of ABWA

Let’s Take Your Power Back hosted by the Phenomenal Women's Chapt

Let’s Take Your Power Back hosted by the Phenomenal Women's Chapt

Let’s Take Your Power Back hosted by the Phenomenal Women's Chapt


Come join the Phenomenal Women of ABWA in January for a special guest speaker, Trish Hoffman.

Since founding Women Against Crime, Veteran Albuquerque Police Department Retired Lieutenant Trish Hoffman uses her professional expertise and personal experience to train women to defend themselves. In her 23-year career, she spent a decade on patrol, served as Public Information Officer, and worked in Internal Affairs. Her final assignment encompassed overseeing the Aviation division, including K9/Patrol as a Lieutenant. She’s seen it all and now helps ABQ citizens adopt personal safety habits to confront violence. In Albuquerque, a violent crime occurs every hour and 37 minutes. A property crime occurs every 15 minutes.

Trish blends her experiences to teach us:

• having the right mindset to prevent harm

• recognize potential predators to minimize the risk of being targeted

• utilizing everyday items like keys or a pen for protection

• be a good witness

Our session will include an overview of how not to be a victim, what you can carry in Albuquerque for safety in the way of self defense tools and four moves that could save your life with actual hands-on self defense techniques.

Ret. Lieutenant Trish Hoffman, Founder Women Against Crime 


Carol M.
Semi retired, None
Janice M.
MD owner, janice F Moranz, MD
Jeanne S.
Jennifer R.
Independent Executive Director, Thirty-One Gifts
Mary T.
Membership Development Director, New Mexico Technology Council
Rena R.
President, New Mexico MarketPlace
Sarah B.
Hairdresser, Genius Studios - Hair
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Travel Consultant, Travel Seekers!
Val R.
Founder, Women Make a Difference
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Artist, Ginna Heiden
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VP of Personal Insurance, HUB International
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Senior Accountant, Burt&Co

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