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MahoganyBooks is excited to announce a new Masterclass workshop developed specifically for Self-Publishing Creatives in partnership with Courtney Davis, Ph.D., author of the bestselling children’s book, A is for Anacostia. The workshop will be held at MahoganyBooks on June 23, 2019 from 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM, located inside of the Anacostia Arts Center. 

The publishing and bookseller industry has undergone massive changes keyed by rapid advancements in technology and the exponential growth of the internet. This evolution has presented African American and Latinx authors with new and rewarding opportunities to tell stories in a way that’s far more authentic and representative of their culture and heritage. However, this new age of self-publishing which offers increased ownership and access for authors, now also requires writers to take on more risk and wear an entrepreneurs hat in addition to being a creative. Before a writer can attain any level of success, they must first devise a plan, prepare, and resolve a number of questions starting with just these few: 

- How will I facilitate the distribution of my book into bookstores across the country on a weekly basis?

- How will I manage the fulfillment of online orders domestically and internationally?

- How do I break through the noise to ensure my book is being promoted to right readers at the right time?

- Does my brand resonate with my current audience while also being scalable for growth and newer, unforeseen opportunities?

- How do I price my book so that I actually make money?

So what happens if you haven't the answers to the questions listed above? What if you are unsure of what questions you should be asking yourself after you have resolved these? No worries, that's why we have partnered with Courtney Davis, a successful authorpreneur, for this session of MahoganyBooks Masterclass, to take new and seasoned self-publishing creatives on a journey to become an authorpreneur who understands how to manage both sides of their business. Authors will leave this workshop having accomplished the following;

- Identified their goals and vision statement to guide their new business.

- Will have learned how to identify who their readers are, where they can be found, and how to build an author platform that reaches them.

- Developed an “A” team to promote your work and support your success.

- Learned how to create a pricing strategy that takes into account their true cost of goods. 

This journey you have undertaken offers incredible rewards -- professionally, financially, as well as in terms social impact -- for those who plan and prepare for the business side of self-publishing. This masterclass offers participants the opportunity to both learn from an experienced self-publishing creative as well as plug into the MahoganyBooks brand where they'll receive insider insight and early access to their new advertising services platform.    

It's your book, it's your money...invest it wisely. Register today for this must attend workshop. 


Courtney Davis, Ph.D.
Courtney Davis, Ph.D.
Educator | Author
Dr. Courtney Davis is the founder of the annual East of the River Book Festival located in Washington, D.C. Approaching the sixth year in operation, the book festival highlights the efforts of self-published authors, small presses and independent bookstores for readers of all ages. Dr. Davis is also an educator, passionately engaged with urban communities as a practitioner and champion for students, schools and families. Her first picture book, A is for Anacostia, highlighted the lovable children and popular sights of the vibrant Washington, D.C. community. Her second book, S is for South Side, delivers the same heartfelt sentiment to young readers as they journey through the South Side of Chicago, where Dr. Davis grew up and considers home. Visit her website at
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