Join us for our second New Mexico Big Data and Analytics Summit! 

Speakers, schedule, and updates can be found on our website at http://nmbdas.com/

Admission includes breakfast and lunch. 


Andrea C.
Business Analyst, NMDWS
Andrea S.
Program Director - Deep Dive Coding, CNM Ingenuity
Andrew T.
Owner, Wirewood Consulting, LLC
Andy M.
Senior Programmer/Ananlyst, CNM Community College
Angela B.
Data Science, Rutgers University
Angela B.
Data Scientist, N/A
Angelica B.
CEO, Versatile MED Analytics
Ann C.
Business Analyst, NMDWS
Aparna G.
Research Scientist, Mind Research Network
Bryan C.
Manager, Reporting Systems, Albuquerque Public Schools
Charles H.
CEO/President, RingIR
Chris K.
VP, WW Systems Technical Sales IBM Systems, IBM
Craig B.
Sr. Staff Data Science and Analytics, Intel
David D.
R&D Manager, Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER)
David O.
Chief Science Officer, SavantX, Inc
Devonna J.
Program Manager, CNM Ingenuity
Emmanuel L.
CRM Communications Coordinator, Central New Mexico Community College
Erin M.
QI Director, Open Skies Healthcare
George K.
Deep Dive Coding
Jackie L.
Faculty, Central New Mexico Community College
Jeannette B.
Business Analyst, NMDWS
Jeff D.
John C.
Senior Data Analyst, Albuquerque Public Schools
John D.
CTO, Think Ubiquitous LLC
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