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New Revenue Reporting Rules for Construction

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Reporting method rules for Construction Companies has been a coming attraction for a while. Here is your opportunity to have breakfast with other construction professionals and hear an update on the changes that can affect your company


Colin McHugh
Colin McHugh


Ben O.
Blayne R.
Brown and Brown of Ohio
Bob B.
Brenda C.
Brian Z.
Cheryl K.
A.A. Boos & Sons Inc
Cheryl K.
The Delventhal Company
Chris K.
Croghan Colonial Bank
Debbie S.
Gayle M.
Jeff G.
Jennifer M.
Jon M.
Ken S.
E S Wagner Co
Letty H.
Bayes, Inc.
Lisa W.
Lori M.
Lynne W.
Marc H.
Marcia V.
Mark K.
Mark K.
SSOE Group
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Marsha S.
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