Quniana Futrell and Fellow Contributors Discuss/Sign Why My Mom


MahoganyBooks is pleased to host a special discussion and signing with the author/director, Quniana Futrell, who created the Why My Mom Movement along with several of the brave women who shared their personal stories of trauma and resilience.  Affectionally known as Author Q, Quniana and contributors of the Why Mom book and documentary will discuss still being here and thriving.

About Why My Mom:  This anthology and follow-up Docu-series answers life's unanswered question, Why My Mom. This process of healing is a story of two generation of brokenness and their story of restoration. The book and documentary will explore the journey of 10 women over the course of nine months on their paths to redemption. 

About the Author: Quniana "Author Q" Futrell 

From the streets of Newark, New Jersey, having two incarcerated parents to feature on PBS's Emmy award-wining show, Virginia Currents. Quniana Futrell, known as "Author Q," is a real success story and champion for change. She captivates audiences from all over the world, from the Unites States to Uganda, with her straightforward and realistic methods to resilience and healing. She is an author, business consultant, philanthropist.

Contributors:  Alice Edwards, Donna Marie, Shanna Thomas, Marcia Ali, Amira Michele, Ashlie Carpenter, Miss Butterfly, Shirlene Ailey, Yolanda Myrick and Loneka Ward.

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