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September DIY Mosaic Balloon

September DIY Mosaic Balloon

September DIY Mosaic Balloon


Do this project anytime during the month of September! This unique class has been pre-recorded so that you can participate at any time. When you sign up for September's project, you will receive a kit in the mail that will have all you will need to create a 5.5" hot air balloon. This project will take about 2 hours, and is the perfect way to unwind and make something beautiful. Part of the fun of this project is the surprise of the kit you will recieve. Each kit will include stained glass that will be in shades of orange, purple, or blue. Included in each kit is a hanging tassel. This tassel might include sun-catching crystals or a semi-precious stone, and it will compliment the stained glass pieces for your balloon. Each Hot air balloon's wooden base is hand cut and sanded so each one is unique. You will also receive written instructions as well as a link to a video instructional video.


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