Wine and oysters - what's better?
Come join us for an intimate tasting experience as we explore the combination of white wine with white foods.  Food presented by John Little Catering, wines by Micole Moore, Ramona Ranch, and music by Travis Ross

Oysters! Fresh shucked and served your choice…raw or grilled with a selection of condiments: tabasco, fresh lemon & lime, mignonette, jalapeño served with our Sauvignon Blanc.
Spring White Risotto with parmesan & white asparagus, accompanied by our oaked Viognier.
The White Flatbread with white sauce, honey, & lemon wheels, served with Burlesque, our fun and flirty white wine with a Chef's Whim Dessert to cap off the pairing.


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Andrew L.
Boss B.
Carol W.
Devon A.
Dottie P.
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Heather H.
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Jim W.
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