Meditation, Fluid Movement, Exercises and Music, Dancing, Traditional Practices; Including Dhikr and Whirling.

Rhythmic and centering, Sufi Universal Dance is a workshop forum engaging music, fluid movement and breathwork of varying techniques with the body integrating you to a state of perfection and personal liberation. Enter into elation and inner-peace.

The practices unfold an ancient philosophy more than 6,000 years old. All that one merely do is arrive, be present and participate. You are delivered to complete mental clarity, relaxation, a high of energized expansion, fully centered in the moment. These actions embark a development within the Self, as it is action, what brings about any kind of development.

Attend any portion or full series. No experience needed, any level of participant. For men and women.

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$99.85 Full Series Savings
$109.52 Any 6 
$59.91 Any 3
$22.12 Single Drop-in
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