Event Management System

Here are some features and benefits of managing events with Addmi

Onsite networking platform

Your Page Ticketing

All RSVP’s and tickets are sold through the client’s website, never a third party website. Let attendees take a look at your past events, photos, and upcoming events instead of showing them other events happening at the same time, date, and locations. Share a link with partner organizations for events produced by multiple organizations. Different organizations, same platform for check in for all tickets sold.

Tools for better events


Attendees are issued e-tickets for any paid or free event. The QR code is on the face of the email, just like major airlines. Check people in with any mobile device by QR code or with our smart name search within seconds. This is the fastest method for checking people in.


Name Badges On-Demand

Tired of writing out hundreds of nametags in advance or handing people a generic sticker and a Sharpie for them to write their own names with? Seamlessly integrate automatic name badge printing with wireless printers on demand. When people check in, the name badge is generated in a couple of seconds. Include logo, sponsorship, VIP, names, and many other options to choose from.

Tools for better events


Easily import and export contacts in and out of the Addmi platform to via several different methods including CSV, Excel, MailChimp, and Outlook. Export new contacts just as easily. Now it’s easy to track who showed up and who didn’t!

Tools for better events

Private Events

Our private event option provides the same functionality as public events, but is not shown on your website. This is a great feature for board meetings and internal functions that are not to be advertised to the general public. Great for private parties too!

Tools for better events

On-Site Social

This is the game changer. Addmi completely changes the way people are able to connect and communicate at events. Attendees can download hundreds of contacts with one button, reach out via instant message to other attendees, share photos, post to social media easily. Event managers can communicate to all attendees via push notifications. Great for breakout communication and new sponsorship opportunities.

Tools for better events

Business Card Scanner

If you are still carrying business cards, you are missing something in your life. Our card scanner will scan someone’s card, store their information in your phone, then send that person an email with all of your contact info. The days of losing business cards are finally over!

Tools for better events

No Annual/Monthly Fees

There is never an annual or monthly fee. Free events are always free, paid event is 2.0% flat Addmi fee (This also can be pass on to the customers so it will be NO cost to you) We DO NOT nickel and dime, our features is unlimited use. We are much more cost competitive than competitors like EventBrite, by up to 35%, for much more flexibility and ease of use.

Tools for better events

No Contract


A single platform for better events

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