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  • Event Ticketing

    FREE or 2%

    Event Ticketing

    Free events are always free! For paid events, pass on the service fee on ticket price and Addmi is completely free to use, otherwise its only 2% per transaction.

  • Membership

    FREE or 2%


    Pass the fee and it’s completely free, otherwise only 2% of online transactions.

  • Invoicing

    $1 or 2%


    Create invoices and send via email. Online transactions are 2% or accept check or other payment method for $1 each.

  • Fundraising



    Collect donations for only 1% transaction fee, with a max of $19. Automated tax deduction letter and monthly recurring donation features included.

  • Email Marketing

    1 cent/email

    Email Marketing

    Import and create new lists of contacts, attendees, and members, and send them emails that match your brand.

Event ticketing fee is 2% up to $19 maximum per transaction.
Payment processing and taxes may apply to pricing.

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