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How are E Scooter Selling and Manufacturing Startups faring in t

Scooters are always the first choice for college students, parents shopping at grocery stores, business people running around busy streets of big cities, cycling enthusiasts wanting to explore their town without getting too tired, etc. With so many reasons to use E-scooters, one can easily understand why they have been called the future of transportation. More and more Electric Scooters are popping up in the USA. Gas prices may be low for most of us, but it isn't low enough. Electric Scooters for Sale cost less and their payback is quick and small. And if they break down? It's easier to troubleshoot nowadays. There are more than 70 startups in the US that make electric scooters. The main reason for this is that they don't have to comply with federal vehicle rules, which let them skirt safety standards on things like brakes or lights. Ever heard of Birdie Scooters? It is an innovative 100% electric e-scooter that holds one or two-person and most importantly folds into a compact form, making it easy to maneuver and store. The company has 400 electric scooters running daily in downtown San Francisco with thousands more coming to various places in the US. Their seed fund of $100m has helped them hire over 100 employees, and accelerate distribution and growth efforts nationwide. This highlights how important they believe this market will be according to the growing need for sustainable and environmentally friendly methods of transportation around the country. <a href="https://us.volted.shop/collections/escooter">Electric Scooters</a>