Join us for the 2024 Safety Expo and STEP Luncheon Lunch will include speakers awarding of the STEP Certifications. Safety Expo Sessions will begin at 1:00 pm Happy hour begins at 5:00 pm Make sure you purchase an AMP'T SiliPint to support our Young Professionals Group


Tuesday, March 19th
11:30 am - 12:45 pm
STEP Luncheon
88 Tactical

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Safety Expo
88 Tactical

Safety Seminar for Owner, Safety Professionals, Foreman and Superintendents, Project Managers

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Safety Expo Reception
88 Tactical

Happy Hour at it's best!


Tyler Kirkegaard and Chase Bassett
Tyler Kirkegaard and Chase Bassett
Rick Advisers
The primary focus will be on unveiling effective strategies to comprehend your experience modification (experience mod) and optimize cost savings for your workers' compensation policy. Participants will delve into actionable approaches, including: -Strategic Understanding of Experience Modification: The seminar provides insights into the strategic comprehension of how experience mods are computed and their pivotal role in shaping insurance premiums. -Strategies for Cost Drivers: Participants will explore targeted strategies to identify and mitigate common cost drivers in workers' compensation, such as devising plans to reduce the frequency of claims, managing claim severity, and addressing industry-specific risk factors. -Strategic Claims Management: The seminar will highlight strategic approaches to claims management, emphasizing early intervention, meticulous documentation, and collaborative efforts with insurance carriers to minimize the impact on the experience mod. -Optimizing Return-to-Work Programs: Participants will learn about strategies to optimize return-to-work programs, enabling injured employees to re-enter the workforce swiftly, thus reducing the overall impact on workers' compensation costs. -Strategic Navigation of the Insurance Market: Insights will be provided on strategically navigating the insurance market to make informed decisions, considering market trends that could impact premiums. By honing in on these strategic approaches, participants will gain actionable insights to actively manage their experience mod, ultimately leading to substantial cost savings on their workers' compensation policies. Participants will be served best if they can bring their MOD Worksheet to the session.
Philli Russell
Philli Russell
OSHA Attorney
Ogletree Deakins
Mr. Russell is an OSHA and employment attorney with almost 30 years of experience. He has handled over 200 fatality cases and hundreds of other types in federal OSHA and state plan jurisdictions all over the country. He works with in-house safety directors and in-house counsel to help avoid or minimize OSHA citations and improve safety. Mr. Russell is also a national thought leader in OSHA regulations and enforcement and has been recognized as one of the top go-to OSHA lawyers for major construction project fatality and catastrophic cases. OSHA attorney, Phillip Russell, will provide an update on OSHA regulations and enforcement priorities, including the status of the agency’s heat illness standard, the proposed walkaround rule, and changes to how OSHA conducts inspections and issues citations. He will also share the four things all employers must do to keep workers safe and avoid or minimize citations. Mr. Russell will give practical, actionable strategies for construction employers to immediately implement, including how to train non-safety personnel on what to do if OSHA shows up and how to hold OSHA accountable to the law while building a positive relationship with the agency’s leadership and inspection teams.
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