ActivateNM is ABQid (powered by CNM Ingenuity) and WESST's hybrid accelerator-incubator program, which is designed to help NM-based startups quickly identify and reach key growth milestones in their startup journey.

Demo Day is the culmination of the program's immersive 8-week curriculum phase, and is an opportunity for cohort companies to present their startups and their progress to the public. Join us in celebrating their achievements! 

ActivateNM Demo Day features software startups who were accepted into the Spring 2019 cohort. Presenting companies and founders on May 24, 2019 include Christopher Jaramillo of Donor Jar, Shailaja Jale of Well Known Corporation, Xavier Lemon of Conversion Plan, and Zach Spangler of Nimble Compensation. 


Adam G.
Alex C.
Alex J.
Alex V.
Alonso I.
Amber T.
Andy L.
CEO, AddMi Inc.
Anette R.
Annie I.
Becky L.
Bob G.
Brian S.
Cara P.
Carlos P.
Carolyn H.
Catalina C.
Dafina M.
Danielle S.
Siarza Social Digital
David K.
David S.
Diana M.
Dorian R.
NMA Ventures
Drew T.
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