Albuquerque Chinese American Film Festival

Albuquerque Chinese American Film Festival

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The Albuquerque Chinese American Film Festival in conjunction with the Albuquerque Chapter of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance and  NM PBS  invite you to a day of enlightening and uplifting films about Chinese American contributions to America.  Admission is Free but $10 per person donations are suggested.  

10:00 - Abacus - Emmy Award Winning Documentary about Abacus, a small family-run bank, that was  the only U.S. bank to face criminal charges in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.

11:00 - Abacus Panel Discussion

12:00 - Free lunch provided by Panda Express

1:00 - Tyrus - award-winning documentary film about the life, art, and enduring impact of American painter and Disney Legend, Tyrus Wong, Chief Artist For Bambi.

2:15 PM - Question and Answer Session with Tyrus Filmmaker Pamela Tom

3:00 - The Canton Army in the High Sierras - a mini doc by Loni Ding about the Chinese Railroad workers who built most of the Transcontinental Railroad that ran through the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in extremely dangerous conditions.

3:30 - Bambi - The Disney Classic featuring the artwork of Tyrus Wong


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