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Amaran Ground-Breaking Ceremony & Nido Grand Opening

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The Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce is delighted to invite you to attend two celebrations in one history-making event for Albuquerque and New Mexico!

The first celebration will be a Groundbreaking Ceremony announcing the construction of an entirely unique senior living residence. Amaran Senior Living, the future neighbor to Montessori ONE Academy, will be the first authentic Montessori assisted living community in both New Mexico and the United States. Amaran residents will enjoy intergenerational programming with Montessori ONE students and its memory care wing will employ activities to aid both memory function and independence.

The second is the Grand Opening of New Mexico’s first Nido at Montessori ONE Academy, which will be marked by a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Nido (pronounced nee-doe), Italian for nest, is an authentic Montessori infant environment and one of only sixteen official Nido programs in the United States. Montessori ONE Academy is Albuquerque’s only Association Montessori International (AMI)-recognized Montessori program. The school opened in 2007 with its award-winning preschool program. The elementary program followed in 2015, and 2019 will see the launch of its authentic Montessori infant program in a unique, custom-designed environment.

We hope you will join us as we bring business and community leaders together with the families of Montessori One Academy to celebrate the momentous development of a new intergenerational community. The event will include a tour of the custom-designed Nido building, catering from The Acre, musical entertainment, and the opportunity to celebrate the growth and success of two more innovative Albuquerque businesses creating positive community impact.



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