1h 39m After a wildfire nearly turns his family (and goats) into refugees on their remote New Mexico ranch, former suburbanite Doug Fine sets out to discover food security around the world via hemp and other crops. Host Fine follows three digital age farming families for a year as they attempt to grow a healthy crop and business while fighting climate change. Who says saving the world can't be a blast? There's one thing that every human being on this planet shares: the need for a habitable planet. Suburbanite-turned-hemp-farmer-and-goat-herder Doug Fine learns from the world’s oldest hemp farmer and them teaches newlyweds how to become a digital age farmer. In between, he travels from Native American tribal lands to George Washington’s Mount Vernon and back home to his Funky Butte Ranch in New Mexico, sharing his hard-won regenerative hemp farming expertise with his family and the world. With extreme climate events putting his family in danger, Fine says, "I'm telling these stories because the well-being of your family and mine might depend on it.” This wild, funny film is about food security, family wellness and having fun along the way. In fact, Fine says, “becoming a regenerative farmer or supporting them in your community is the most fun you can have outside the bedroom.”

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