An Open Door. - Temple Grandin 59m 30s, Documentary, Animal Science, inspiration, Autism, Education, Neurodiversity An Open Door is the international award-winning documentary that reflects on the influential life and work of Dr. Temple Grandin as a champion of the humane treatment of livestock, autism rights, and inclusive neurodiversity by employing her gifted insights from her personal experience with autism and visual thinking. The film speaks with Dr. Grandin, her colleagues, industry professionals and those she has influenced to celebrate her groundbreaking life, lessons learned and lasting legacy. An Open Door is directed by award-winning filmmaker John Barnhardt and presented by Colorado State University. PAIRED WITH Ministry of Surf 8m 24s, Documentary An intimate look inside the healing power of water & surfing on autistic children and the surfers who offer "one perfect day" to kids worldwide for free. Featuring Izzy Paskowitz.

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