Kamerad United Kingdom 9m 59s, Historical Drama, WAR, Historical Fiction, Based on a True Story, WW1 Destitute in a crater in the heart of no man's land, two men await their fate as soldiers and human beings amid a great war of conscience. The Monopol Georgia, Israel 14m, Drama, Historical Film Skopje, Macedonia, 1943. Anna and her family are led to a concentration camp before being transported to Treblinka death camp. She faces the decision between immediate escape with her husband and daughter or risking everything and try and save the rest of her family. Hairdryer Iran, Islamic Republic of 14m 30s, Drama A girl named "Shadi" from proletariat experiences many humiliations in her social and personal relations continuously. When Shadi finds a better financial situation, she makes an incomprehensible and immoral decide so as to put and end on her humiliations and a new era of her life begins. I'm A Good Person United Kingdom 14m 14s, Drama “I’m a Good Person” is a dark satirical comedy that explores toxic positivity and the darkness we discount by looking on the bright side. Helen’s intentions are (mostly) good. She’s sympathetic and sensitive and her glass is half-full, so why can’t she seem to connect with those around her? When she meets Mark, she finds more than just a lover - she finds someone who speaks her language. But as their relationship takes a twisted turn, Helen begins to doubt the man she’s let into her home. Gift Japan 25m, Drama The ex-Syrian refugee and a food deliverer, Yasser meets Eita, a solitary Japanese boy in the city park, and they grow a family-like bond as they play soccer and cook together after Yasser’s bike gets stolen.

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