Dip your toe into the world of hand-built ceramics with our workshop on textured wall pockets! Guided by an experienced instructor, you'll learn the fundamentals of wet slab construction, a technique revered for its versatility and expressive potential. Throughout the workshop, you'll craft two wall pockets, each boasting dimensions of roughly 5x7 inches. From shaping the clay to adding intricate textures, you'll master the art of manipulating this versatile medium to bring your unique vision to life. -But the creativity doesn't stop there! You'll also have the opportunity to fashion two charming wire beaded handles, adding design and functionality to your creations. With a spectrum of glaze colors to choose from, you'll dictate the vibe of your wall pockets, whether you opt for bold and vibrant hues or subtle and sophisticated tones. Please note that the journey doesn't end when the workshop does. Your masterpieces will need time to dry, undergo firing, and finally, receive their lustrous glaze. Anticipate the joy of receiving your finished pottery approximately one month after the class, ready to adorn your walls and delight the senses. Join us for an exploration of clay and craftsmanship. Reserve your spot today!

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