Santa Fe Film Festival


"Francesca" 39m 30s Famous American Actor returns to Athens Greece and revisits an Ex Lover, only to find out her secrets. "BIG OLD GOOFY WORLD - THE STORY OF OH BOY RECORDS" 51m 09s BIG OLD GOOFY WORLD is the story of the little record label that could! Founded by the great John Prine and his two managing partners Al Bunetta and Dan Einstein. This film traces the 40 year history from its origins as a mail order business to a thriving family operated label in Nashville, TN. The everyman hero story of one artist believing in himself and his fans to help reinvent the music industry and create a path for today’s artists to stay independent. The film features previously unseen footage and untold stories. Big Old Goofy world was made by the award winning filmmakers Joshua Britt & Neilson Hubbard who were allowed into the wild and inspiring world of John Prine and Oh Boy Records.


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