Join us for a fun evening of wooden flower bouquet making! This hands-on and fun fall inspired craft will add color to your life and home! These Sola wooden flowers are natural, biodegradable, and sustainable. Not only are these eco-friendly blooms a beautiful and affordable alternative to fresh flowers, but they are also built sturdier and last longer which makes them the perfect DIY home décor item! You'll be working with carefully crafted and stunning wooden flowers to create a floral design that inspire you. This craft class is guided by our friendly and talented teacher Tania Capo of Bloomed. She will give you advice and introduce you to the wonderful world of wooden blooms. The best part about wooden bouquets is that they are much more natural looking and pleasing to the eye! This class is $37 per person and includes all materials and instruction required as well as complementary snacks and beverage. We look forward to spending a unique evening with you and your besties as you chat with friends and let your inner florist blossom!

This Event Has Ended

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