Leaders understand what it means to create an effective team environment. An effective environment includes clear expectations for behavior. These behaviors are based on your company culture. Taking the time as a team to decide on your culture provides norms, expectations, and opportunities to acknowledge those who are “on board.” And for those not on board, avenues for growth and ultimately, employee retention and job satisfaction. What you can expect from this course: • Uniform agreement on acceptable company behaviors • A company culture that harnesses collective purpose and talent • An environment that attracts those who share your values • A completed poster representing your culture to share with your team(s). Learning Objectives: • Understand how an intentional culture differs from a haphazard one • Identify the culture as it is, how you’d want it to be, and the target behaviors • Strategies to link the target behaviors to your company values • Acknowledging and boosting the presence of target behaviors • How to speak to your direct reports to reinforce the target behaviors.


Ben Thompson
Ben Thompson
Pivotal Consulting
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