Only Here and Now 21m 47s, Drama Wartime, 1942. When 18 year old newlyweds Marjorie Hua and Private Tom Carlson arrive at the small inn for their honeymoon night, they're forced to wait for their room. While waiting, their anxiety builds. Tom leaves for the war in the morning and what will their future hold? Will this first night together be their last? Finaly revealing the fears they've hoped to conceal, they're able to celebrate the strength of their love and seize the joy in the moments they have here and now. Gift 25m, Drama, Arabic, English, Japanese The ex-Syrian refugee and a food deliverer, Yasser meets Eita, a solitary Japanese boy in the city park, and they grow a family-like bond as they play soccer and cook together after Yasser’s bike gets stolen. The Self-Described Narrative of the Marvelous Travels and Campaigns of Great, Great, Great Uncle Lt. Col. Barry V. Manchester 25m 44s, Drama, Animation & Live Action A 165-year-old man tells the story of his incredible life to his college-age Great, Great, Great niece, and teaches the young woman that it's not how long you live, but how you live.

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