Santa Fe Film Festival


Steve (Dir. Richard Louis Ulrich) (15 mins.) (USA) An isolated Vietnam veteran searches for community and connection. In person: Director Richard Louis Ulrich GOLDEN EARS – FORTALEZA (Dir. Evan Bourque) (5 mins.) (Canada) An elderly nomad tries to impress a woman he’s never met.   ENOUGH FOR A LIFETIME (Dir. Benjamin David Hoffman) (6 mins.) (USA) A visual exploration of a young woman’s journal to show the emotional peaks and troughs she goes through.    FOOTNOTE (Dir. Tommy Petroskey) (16 mins.) (USA) When a grieving widower tries to bear loneliness by burying himself in books, he unexpectedly finds company in the pages. In person: Actor Robert McKeon   BOURN KIND: THE TINY KINDNESS PROJECT (Dir. Rachel Myers) (12 Mins.) (USA) A Black- Jewish street artist, confronts the fear and isolation of the moment through art, and creates a street mural project to celebrate kindness and connection in his community.   SWIMMING THROUGH (Dir. Samantha Sanders) (14 mins.) (USA) Three friends and open water swimmers make a pact to continue through the snow and ice as the pandemic rages on.   RESIST: THE RESISTANCE REVIVAL CHORUS (Dir. Susan O’Brien) (19 mins.) (USA) In the midst of a country divided, a diverse group of women and non-binary individuals unite through the historic power of music to create a movement ignited by song.   WANNABE (Dir. Dorothy Allen Pickard) (12 mins.) (U.K.) A group of elderly women form a Spice Girl tribute band to earn a quick buck when one friend can’t pay her bills.


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