Ha txan tsi. An ka li (We come home after) 6m 11s, Documentary, Short "Ha Txan Tsi. An Ka Li (Translated from Osage: We Come Home After)" is a poignant and thought-provoking short documentary film co-produced, written, and directed by Dante Biss-Grayson, an Osage veteran, and the Bawaadan Collective. The film explores the experiences of Native American veterans as they return home after serving in the military and the complex relationships they have with their service and their identity as Indigenous peoples. Dynasty and Destiny 6m 44s, Documentary, Documentary portrait, short-form portrait, sports A psychological portrait of the mother-daughter duo, Kanesha Jackson and Kortnee Solomon, bound together by their passion for the rodeo and the weight of their family's legacy in the sport. Paper Plane 6m 57s, Documentary An ailing mother confronts her deteriorating health and her inability to care for her troubled daughter. Yolanda 10m 43s, Drama When Rosi, a caretaker illegal immigrant, finds out her mom in Mexico is in her last few days, Rosi struggles to leave back to the U.S. or stay to keep the life she’s struggled so long to build. Birds of the Air 11m 30s, Drama It’s supposed to be Shar's first day presenting as a woman in public. But she’s not out to her family yet. She has a plan: skip church, get dolled up, sneak out. But she has to avoid Grandma, who is home sick. Plus, blending eyeshadow is harder than it looks. And eventually, Shar's plans go off the rails in ways she didn't see coming. Every 85 Minutes 11m 45s, Drama, veteran, military, ptsd, military sexual trauma, suicide A day in the pandemic life of Deana, an Army veteran in Las Vegas struggling with PTSD and MST (Military Sexual Trauma) along with the isolation and disillusionment many felt. When memories of her assault are triggered she battles with the choice of ending it all or getting help. The Stolen Child 18m 31s, Drama Set in New Mexico, 1910, an Irish immigrant and her son, Caleb camp in the forests of the Sandia Mountains. The terrified mother must track down her child when he mysteriously goes missing. Inspired by the poem ‘The Stolen Child’ by W. B. Yeats 7.77 20m, Drama A gas station clerk and his father face unusual series of events at an isolated gas station in 1987. Nightmoves 4m 50s, Comedy, Romance, Dance A sleep deprived husband tries his best to follow the dictum, “never wake a sleepwalker”…especially if she’s dancing.

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