AURORA AND THE HOUSE OF LIGHTS 17m 8s, Narrative Aurora is 25 years old. She plays frantically in an arcade in order to win a giant teddy bear. She can’t stop because that would bring her back to reality, to what happened the day before. If she wins the teddy bear, everything will be okay, she will heal and be safe. But denial is only the first stage. BAILARINA 13m 9s, Drama Alicia only recognizes herself through her reflection in the mirror and the notes playing from her music box. Meanwhile, Alzheimer's consumes the rest of her existence. SAM 10m 30s, Narrative During summer of 1994, Sam, a free spirited 10-year-old girl, tags along with her older brother and his friends where she enjoys playing as one of the boys until she experiences the societal limitations reserved for adolescent girls and the fleeting innocence of childhood. Echoes of the Rio 8m 11s, Documentary, Experimental, Short A woman living on the U.S./Mexico border invokes the voice of the Rio Grande. Guiding her through the history of migration and the symbiotic relationship with the indigenous people of the land. As the river speaks, echoes follow, ultimately exposing the socio-ecological destruction caused when the river became a border and a political weapon.

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