ANIMUS 9m 40s, Drama A Nobel Prize-winning physicist suspected of murdering three husbands either has a very novel defense or is delusional. Stolen Tundra 14m 48s, Drama, Sci-fi, Creature, post-apocalypti A snow creature protects the last chunk of natural ice left in the world after the apocalyptic warming of Earth. The Valley of Hearts Delight 13m, Drama While on his way to Silicon Valley to start an internet company circa 1997, regret creeps into the heart & soul of a confused 17-year-old entrepreneur until a good samaritan helps him find his spirit & confidence to move on. Based on real events. SYMPHONY IN C-NOTE 13m 30s, Drama It’s the early eighties. A visitor enters a sleepy little town. He places a $100 bill and asks for a room. As he goes to check his room and make a phone call, his $100 makes the round of the town and people pay their debts. The bill returns to the hotel with Hope the favorite “working girl” in town. But the visitor changes his mind. The Specter of Innocence 13m 47s, Drama, Fantasy Suddenly brought down in a fight he's supposed to lose for money, Vincent, a corrupt boxer, wakes up in the labyrinth of his memories. If he wants to wake up before being K.O, he will have to trace back the thread of his life to find the "source." Only Here and Now 21m 47s, Drama, Musical Wartime, 1942. When 18 year old newlyweds Marjorie Hua and Private Tom Carlson arrive at the small inn for their honeymoon night, they're forced to wait for their room. While waiting, their anxiety builds. Tom leaves for the war in the morning and what will their future hold? Will this first night together be their last? Finaly revealing the fears they've hoped to conceal, they're able to celebrate the strength of their love and seize the joy in the moments they have here and now. Tales of A Faded West 28m, Television, Web / New Media, Western, Action, Post-Apocalyptic, Drama The first installment of a post-apocalyptic western series that follows a group of survivors on a quest for clean water and a better life.

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