Discover the Art of Relief Block Printing: Join us for an immersive workshop where creativity meets tradition! In this engaging session, participants will dive into the world of relief block printing using easy carve blocks. Our journey begins with a brief exploration of the rich history, essential materials, and safety protocols of block carving, ensuring a comprehensive understanding before we delve into the hands-on fun. We invite participants to bring your own 4" x 6" drawing or photo, to personalize this experience from the get go. Under expert guidance, you'll learn how of transfer your unique designs onto the carving block. Can't think of art to make? No worries, we will have some images for you to use on site as well. But that's not all! Experience the thrill of hand-printing your masterpiece on quality paper, witnessing your creation come to life before your eyes. With the opportunity to print 2-3 copies during the session, you'll refine your skills and leave with tangible evidence of your newfound talent. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting your creative voyage, this workshop promises inspiration, education, and endless possibilities. Reserve your spot today and unlock the artist within! Ages 18+

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