Unleash Your Child's Creativity with AI šŸ¤– Welcome to the Contender eSports Learning AI Camp ā€“ an immersive experience that awakens your child's creative potential through the wonders of Artificial Intelligence! Event Details: šŸ“… Dates: January 1-3, 2024 šŸ•— Time: 9AM - 3PM šŸ“ Location: 3010 S National Ave Springfield, Missouri 65804 Recommended Age: 7 and up Pricing: $199 What Will Your Child Discover? Our AI Learning Camp is designed to spark your child's imagination and equip them with valuable skills. Here's what your young innovator can look forward to: Day 1: Exploring AI šŸ¤– AI Basics: An introduction to the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence. šŸ§  Problem Solving: Developing critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. šŸŽØ Creative Projects: Hands-on experience in crafting imaginative AI-driven projects. šŸ–„ Interactive Learning: Engaging with AI tools to create interactive stories and visual art. Day 2: AI in Action šŸ¤– Generative AI: Dive into the fast-evolving field of generative AI, the future of creative work. šŸŒŸ Creative Exploration: Encouraging your child's creativity through AI-generated art and writing. šŸŒ Real-World Applications: Understanding how AI is used in everyday life. šŸ¤ Collaborative Projects: Team up with peers to create AI-powered solutions. Why Choose Our AI Camp? At Contender eSports, we're dedicated to providing a safe and engaging learning environment. Here's why you should choose our AI camp: šŸŽ“ Experienced Instructors: Our camp is led by experienced instructors passionate about AI and STEM education. Your child will receive expert guidance and support throughout the camp. šŸ¤ Hands-On Learning: We believe in learning by doing. Your child will have the opportunity to work with AI tools, creating real projects and experiencing the innovation of AI firsthand. šŸŒŸ Inspire Curiosity: We aim to inspire a lifelong passion for AI, technology, and creativity. Your child will leave our camp with a deeper understanding of the AI world. Reserve Your Child's Spot Today! šŸ¤–šŸŒŸšŸ§  Don't miss this opportunity to ignite your child's curiosity and creativity with AI. Book their place in the Contender eSports Learning AI Camp today!

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