Santa Fe Film Festival


"Undula" 2m 43s We are surrounded by it. A fabric of energy joining all things. This is a brief visualization in the study of creation, connectedness and a return to the origin. -- -- "Ballad Box" 3m 22s Viewers take a musical plunge into the depths of four clashing perspectives and stories of the dysfunctional "one human family" that makes up the US political culture. Urging people to step up and make their voices heard as well as engage in a deeper refection that could hint at what we all really want, this moody music video parades on, mixing multiple viewpoints side by side with a rare bi-partisan perspective. This film was primarily filmed in Albuquerque by talent from the NM film industry. -- -- "NT3" 5m 44s A man gets lost in a strange empty theater where it slowly becomes apparent that logic doesn’t apply there. -- -- "OffSet Web Series: The Chewie Episode" 7m 32s Chewbacca is lonely and tries speed dating. Luckily, he meets a great woman BUT she's into hairless men.. Quite the dilemma! -- -- "To Russia With Love" 9m 13s -- -- "Shipping Them" 15m A non-binary daydreamer pines for the life of the girl next door, but soon finds out the grass isn't always greener on the other side. -- -- "Dispatch" 22m 18s Dispatch follows a disturbing 911 call from ringing phone to resolution. As the case unfolds, the line between innocence and guilt blurs and family bonds are tested. -- -- "Sawyer" 22m 51s Sawyer is a poor farm girl taking care of herself and her radiation-poisoned mother. Unable to afford the energy to keep her mother alive, she must rebuild her father's illegal homemade generator under the watchful eye of an oppressive government. -- -- "Drifteen" 33m 4s In the 1990s, a pair of queer teenage girls run away from their troubled homes together in search of love and adventure and freedom and find much more than they bargained for on the highways of the American West.


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