New Mexico Academy of Rock and Blues


In dreaming up this program we wanted to create something unlike anything we’d seen before. We took all of our wish-list items and put them into a year-round, music education program. More than a rock band camp, this program incorporates all aspects of the musical art form, and above all, it instills the premise of living a life filled with creativity and ingenuity that can flourish in all aspects of our students lives; It will never become stagnant learning, as it will continually change and grow. Best of all, it incorporates a tuition program that works for all families in our community.

Workshops will be held Monday and Tuesday Afternoons beginning September 9, 2019.

 In our attempt to make NMARB arts programs accessible to all we ask families to make a tuition contribution amount that is feasible to their family budgets. Similar to a sliding scale model, Pay What You Wish allows you to gain access to the program with a fee that works for your family.

We want ALL families to be able to give their children a fun, educational, and inspiring art and music program.  You will find a line item on the registration form that allows you to fill in the amount per month per child that is affordable for your family. 

Contact us at 505-228-2684 or or visit our website at for more information. 


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