Santa Fe Film Festival


Angeline A heart broken man wanting to spend time with the girl he loves in his dreams because unfortunately they can’t be together in real life The Golden Whip: Palaces for the People (Dir. Teresa Finley) (3 mins.) Last Breath of Aire (Dir. Flora Amanda Ming) (4 mins.) Couldn’t Wait (Dir. AJ Martinson) (4 mins.) A struggling musician fails miserably at being a recording artist.  Let’s Raid Area 51 (Dir. Frans Zayas) (12 mins.) A band of three oddball stoners journey to raid Area 51. The Vision (Dir. Hieronymus Bogs) (12 mins.) An artist takes a ride down a bumpy road. The Last Delivery (Dir. John Michael Blankenship) (13 mins.) Two gig workers, on the opposite side of the same job meet for the first time one fateful Thursday. No Loose Ends (Dir. Andrei Lapionak) (15 mins.) Getting From here (Dir. Faith Strongheart) (17 mins.) Nine-year-old Justice must find her way in a world of dangerous adults.  Good Doctor (Dir.Robyn August) (14 mins.) A therapist's world is shaken to its core by his new patient. Mora is Burning 4m 10s Space Warfare, 1m 6s I'm Not Fine, 2m 44s St Barts wd Suzanne Birrell, 9m 27s Saturday in the Park With Vic, 10m 20s Lab Rat, 17m 10s


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