SAD BASTARD 37m 45s, Comedy, Drama A comedy/drama about friendship, heartbreak, and accountability. ARTO 29m 50s, Drama, Fantasy Arthur, a struggling writer, embarks on a desperate quest to mend his fractured life by resurrecting Arto, a character embodying his long-suppressed creative spirit. As Arthur grapples with the emotional distance that has grown between him and his wife, he becomes increasingly entwined in his artistic realm, yearning for validation and the hope of rekindling his dreams. However, the revived Arto rebels against his creator, setting Arthur on a harrowing path towards a tragic and unforeseen conclusion. DEAD CONNECTION 2m 30s, Drama An up-and-coming coroner gets an urgent late night call to perform an autopsy. McCormick 12m 7s When a young caregiver is asked to take care of an elderly woman, she makes the most spine-chilling discovery of her life. TALES OF A FADED WEST 28m, Western, Action, Post-Apocalyptic, Drama, The first installment of a post-apocalyptic western series that follows a group of survivors on a quest for clean water and a better life.

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