Space Drummer 11m 2s, Documentary More than 50 years after the first man on the moon, Solstar Space Company is changing the future of space-based communications with persistent connectivity for crewed and non-crewed space missions. "Space Drummer' brings together art with space technology. The movie sets out to explore the similarities between being a musician and a CEO of a Tech Start-Up and leaves us with the feeling that nothing is impossible. Bag Check 4m 27s, Drama On their return home, a couple has an unexpected surprise waiting for them at the airport. The Valley of Hearts Delight 13m, Drama While on his way to Silicon Valley to start an internet company circa 1997, regret creeps into the heart & soul of a confused 17-year-old entrepreneur until a good samaritan helps him find his spirit & confidence to move on. Based on real events. Santa Fe Resident Too 20m, Documentary Through reflection, wit, and humor, retired Black opera singer, James Butler shares his experience as a singer and how he came to be in Santa Fe. 408 6m 19s, Drama While in a hospice waiting room, a young woman meets someone who challenges everything about the life she knows. Kuinerraq 3m 45s, Native, Youth, Environment, Alaska, Yu'pik A young seventh grader explores the heritage of his maternal grandma through this glance at a Yu'pik village and his Native Alaskan roots. Arkansas, etc. 14m 14s, Drama, Romance, Crime The lives of a runaway and a loner spiral when they cross paths.

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